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Who is 'Accounting Technicians South Africa' - AT(SA)?

AT(SA) is a division of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) dedicated to the education, development, regulation and support of accounting technicians in South Africa. With SAICA, AT(SA) represents confident, skilled accounting technicians who are committed and empowered to deliver and uphold the high professional standards and ethics that the profession demands.

AT(SA) is a practical, work-ready foundational designation which offers professional membership and an accessible framework for lifelong learning and professional development. This qualification provides South Africans the opportunity to develop the skills that the economy needs. Members are bound by a code of professional ethics and are required to keep their skills and competence up to date through AT(SA) and SAICA’s continuing professional development system. The AT(SA) badge of competence also reflects a commitment to maintaining and developing skills and knowledge.

To find out more about AT(SA), visit the SAICA website.

Which AT(SA) accounting qualifications are offered by Credo?​

Accounting Technician AT(SA) South Africa Private sector
Accounting Technician Qualification

This qualification covers the theory and practice of accountancy and offers prospects a solid foundation in accounting, finance and business practice.  

Public Sector: Accounting Technician Qualification

The Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations set high standards for financial management in the public sector, requiring skilled practitioners. 

Local Government: Accounting Technician Qualification

This qualification gives learners access to the accounting field through entry and mid-level accounting roles within the municipal environment.

What do Accounting Technicians do in the Accountancy Ecosystem?

Accounting Technicians play a vital role in accounting, finance and business sectors, ensuring accurate records, aiding financial decisions, and contributing to the overall well-being and compliance of an organisation. Their tasks range from recording financial transactions, bookkeeping, managing invoicing, and assisting with budgeting. Proficient in using accounting software, they actively contribute to the creation of financial statements and reports. Their collaboration with other departments ensures that financial information aligns with the overall goals and operations of the organisation. In a nutshell, these professionals are important for the smooth financial functioning of businesses across various sectors.

Why choose the AT(SA) qualifications?

AT(SA) provides opportunities for you to access a career in accounting using a practical, flexible, ready-to-work approach. The qualifications accommodate your schedule, offering flexible learning and examination options. The training seamlessly integrates knowledge and practical components, empowering you to apply newly acquired skills in your professional environment.

Gain Credibility at Work

Choose AT(SA) for a credible and recognised qualification. Acquire practical, applicable skills that contribute to a sustainable career. The work-based learning approach allows you to apply your skills, making your contribution invaluable in the workplace.

A Clear, Progressive Career Path

AT(SA) empowers you to control your career progression. Work and study simultaneously, qualifying at your own pace. This progressive approach ensures continuous skill development, significantly enhancing your employment prospects.

Wider Scope of Roles and Positions

The AT(SA) qualification and membership provide professional freedom, enabling you to take on various roles. From entry-level positions, like bookkeeping, to handling advanced tasks, such as preparing financial reports, the program prepares you for a diverse range of responsibilities.

Accredited and Recognised by Employers

AT(SA) is accredited and widely recognised by employers and the profession. Its quality, rigor, and practical approach make it a trusted choice for those seeking a reputable qualification in the field of accounting.

AT(SA) Membership and Designation Benefits

Once registered as an AT(SA) member, you will belong to a professional accountancy body who will provide continuous support and who will assist in developing and maintaining your competence. As an AT(SA) member, you will also have access to a range of membership benefits such as:

  • Professional designation, which members can use to signal their competence to industry.
  • Technical advice on tax, accounting, auditing, financial services and legal advisory.
  • Events and networking opportunities; seminars and workshops to enhance the member’s professional competence and keep them abreast of the latest developments in business, finance and accounting, providing transformation, growth across their career.
  • Relevant and current skills; as member of AT(SA), the rigorous training, experience and continuing development, keeps a member apace with the skills needed in the ever-changing business environment.
  • As regulated members, AT(SA) adheres to a code of professional conduct, ensuring they maintain the designation quality, upholding high standards of reputation, professional excellence, and integrity, fostering continued public confidence in their skills and overall professional conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AT(SA) qualification

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