So it’s time to start thinking about your study plans for next year. Your friends have already announced their career, study, and gap year plans on Facebook, but you are still undecided. You’ve done some research and found that you’re drawn to a career in accounting, but you aren’t exactly sure which direction you should take.

Here are 4 reasons why public sector accounting is a good career choice:

1 – You get to choose your working environment:

Because many public sector accountants own their own businesses, or work as consultants, it means that their working environment can change depending on their work and where their clients are based. They could work from an office or from home, depending on the agreement with the client.

2 – You get to help your community:

Whether you choose to work for the government, take on clients in the education or housing sector, or help out small companies, public sector accountants spend a lot of time making a difference in people’s lives and in their communities, whether it is indirectly or directly. This is an opportunity to work with or for a cause that matters to you.

3 – You get to ensure that important work is done properly:

It is important that finances in the public sector are handled correctly, since they affect the public services that are available to communities, such as education, healthcare, sanitation, etc. By taking on a career in public sector accounting, you get the chance to ensure that the work you do is of top quality and in line with codes of professional ethics.

4 – You get to choose your speciality:

The clients you work with have different needs, which mean that you have the opportunity to specialise in an area that you enjoy. Fields of specialisation include tax consulting, auditing, and financial accounting, among others.

Now that you have read some of the reasons why choosing to be a public sector accountant is a good career choice, you might want some more information on the actual job:


What would some of your daily activities be?

As a Public Sector Accountant, you will do some or all of the following:

  • Prepare accounts
  • Develop and manage certain financial systems and accounts
  • Manage financial policies
  • Prepare reports
  • Draw up business plans and financial statements
  • Communicate with management, colleagues and clients
  • Audit accounts

So if you’re keen to make an impact in the public sector (and improve the lives of your fellow community members), and if you have a way with numbers, then you should consider a career in public sector accounting.

If you would like to find out how you can study towards a career in this field, click here.


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